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Corporate, Keynote and Motivational Speaker Seattle – Bellevue – Tacoma – Olympia

Tara Tran Viray – a motivational speaker Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Olympia corporate and non-corporate audiences should consider for their next event; Here’s why:

A Motivational Speaker Seattle – Bellevue – Tacoma – Olympia – Puget Sound Region-Fluent

Motivational speaker Seattle - Bellevue - Olympia - TacomaTara Tran Viray has a strong knowledge of the I-5 corridor from Oregon (where she attended college) to Seattle, where she has lived most of her adult life and is currently living with her husband and children. Understanding the diversity of this region, its politics, its culture and the types of businesses that thrive here in the Pacific Northwest gives her insights that enable her to fully tailor speaking presentations and panel participation to the audience.

A Motivational Speaker Seattle – Bellevue – Tacoma – Olympia – Diversity-Fluent

Tara Tran Viray has successfully built strong, high performing and highly diverse teams in some of the most competitive industries – banking and insurance – right here in the greater Puget Sound region. Her career includes year after year, being consistently recognized for transforming teams whose makeup is culturally diverse into high-performing units that earn top marks for not only customer satisfaction, but employee satisfaction and engagement as well.

A Motivational Speaker Seattle – Bellevue – Tacoma – Olympia – Performance + People First-Fluent

Many business leaders struggle with whether to put their employees first or to focus on performance goals. Tara Tran Viray understood early in her career that focusing only on performance goals without consideration of people, first, was a race to the bottom. She has a track record of increasing employee engagement and satisfaction while at the same time hitting top marks in sales, service and customer satisfaction.

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A Motivational Speaker Seattle – Bellevue – Tacoma – Olympia – Audiences will Connect With

Tara Tran Viray’s professional successes are compelling in and of themselves. But when coupled with her personal story – a story about a first generation American whose diligence and determination helped her rise to the top of large, highly competitive corporations – it’s a story that inspires. Your audience will connect with her story personally, from the heart, not just the intellect. Her story cannot help but inspire audience members of all kinds:

  • Corporate Audiences and Leadership Teams
  • Minority and Diversity-Minded Groups
  • Private and Professional Women’s Groups
  • High School and College Student-Comprised Audiences
  • And More

Give your audience the gift of an unforgettable motivational speaker whose professional successes are doubly inspiring because of her personal story. Tell us about your organization, the audience and the event, and we will be happy to send you a free, no-risk quote.